About Minuets

brown tabby/white girl minuetInformation from The International Cat Association (TICA):

TICA: breed information for Shorthair Minuet

TICA: breed information for Longhair Minuet

Following text taken from the TICA breed standard:

The Minuet is a hybrid of the Persian Breed Group and the Munchkin Breed Group. The desired result is a cat that should be medium in size and strong, with noticeable boning and musculature. This cat should have a very open and round face with a sweet expression and large eyes that do not tear. The ideal Minuet is an active yet laid-back cat with a playful attitude.

The Minuet and the Minuet Longhair are short-legged, medium to substantially boned cats. They are distinguished only by the appearance of the coat with the shorthair having a plush all-weather coat and the longhair a long silky coat with britches and a plumed tail.